Festive Cookies





Introduction: Festive Cookies

Make festive cookies for any occasion with this simple and delicious frosting. The patriotic cookies pictured are butter cookies, the miscellaneous group is gingerbread.

Step 1: Frosting

In a bow, mix powdered sugar with a few drops of milk. Mix together until the consistency is like paste. Add more sugar or milk as needed to get the right texture.

Step 2: Color

Make as many bowls of icing as needed for the range of colors desired, then mix in a few drops of food coloring.

Step 3: Decorating

Decorate your cookies! It's nice to have an inexpensive set of paint brushes to use with this icing. Cheap brushes can generally be found at dollar stores or in the children's section at craft stores. Tooth picks work well for drawing fine lines, dots, or text.

Share your cookies with someone special for some sweet snacking!



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    You could use a small spreader knife for large areas of color and a toothpick for details. The dots and lines on the cookies pictured were done with toothpicks.

    My Mom made these when I was little- thanks for the "Blast from the Past", my little one will LOVE making these!

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