Dancing Nutcracker Ornament

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Intro: Dancing Nutcracker Ornament


-Laser cutter

-3mm thick material

-Spacers and or dowels (no larger then 6.5 mm in diameter)


-small nuts and bolts

-hot glue


Step 1: Alignment

Place the nutcracker face down on a flat surface and place the limbs in the general area that they should be. Then mark with a writing utensil.

Step 2: Hot Glue

Glue the spacers and or dowels right on top of the markings you made.

Step 3: String

Cut each string to 300 mm's in length.Then each tie the string around the small hole of each limb.

Step 4: Placement and Strings

Again, have the nutcracker face down. slide the limbs of the puppet onto the dowels face down. Make sure all of the limbs are in a position in which it looks like the nutcracker is standing straight legged with arms to the side. Then twist the strings together making sure that they come together towards the bottom of the torso and are nice and taunt. (You can add some hot glue or a knot to keep the string twisted together)

Step 5: Gluing the Back Side

Simply extrude a dab of hot glue on top of each spacer/ dowel then place the back piece on top.

Step 6: Nuts and Bolts

Add the nuts and bolts to the knee of the nutcracker. They can be tightened all the way down in any position or left slightly loose.

Step 7: Add the Pull Tab

Tie the string to the pull tab. At this point you can cut the string to any length that you find fit.

Step 8: Wire

Cut the wire to size. tie it around the small hole at the crest of the nutcracker's hat. Then bend the remaining wire into a hook.

Step 9: Enjoy

Hang the nutcracker, pull the string and make him dance!

Remember: all of these files are editable. You can make this nutcracker or customize it in anyway.

Step 10: Nutcracker SVG



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