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Do you need a gift for a special guy in your life? Here's an idea that you can personalize for anyone. Decorate a 6-pack holder and fill it with items that the recipient would like. This container is made from an old magazine and a 6-pack holder. It would make a wonderful gift for a Father, Husband, Son, brother or uncle.

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Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need: Cardboard 6 pack holder, old magazine, shish-ka-bob sticks, decopauge glue.Q-tips or small foam paintbrush, assorted snacks and candy.

Step 2: Roll Pages

Take a shish-ka-bob skewer and place it across the bottom of a magazine page. Using a Q-tip, spread a small amount of decopauge glue across the page about 1" above the skewer. Fold the bottom of the page up and press it down onto the glue. Begin rolling up the bottom of the page as tightly as you can until you have the entire page rolled up. secure with decopage glue. Slide the skewer out from the center and set aside. Take the skewer and repeat with another page. Try not to get glue on the wooden skewer as you work. This will take several hours, so space it out over several days working on it while you're watching TV and it will go pretty fast. I needed about 100 pages for my box.  

Step 3: Tape Bottom of Box

Open up the box and place upside down over a couple of tall objects that are about the same height. Tape the bottom edges so that the box can no longer be folded. This keeps the box from leaning to one side or the other and/or folding while you're working on it.

Step 4: Cut Rolled Up Pages

Cut "Straws" to fit container. Cut them all the same length.

Step 5: Glue "Straws" Onto Container

Begin at one corner and glue "Straws" vertically around all 4 sides of container, placing them as close as you can to each other. When you get one side glued, allow it to dry for 30 minutes or so before beginning on another side.

Step 6: Apply Glue on Surface

Pour a small amount of glue onto one side of the box, over the "straws".  Spread the glue around and allow to dry for an hour. Repeat with other 3 sides. This step anchores the "straws" to each other and prevents them from falling off.

Step 7: Cover Handle

Find a colorful page from the magazine and, using decopauge glue, cover both sides of the handle of container,

Step 8: Fill Container

Here comes the fun part! Find several goodies that will fit into the compartments that the recipient would enjoy and fill the container. Now you have a fun gift that comes from the heart!

Here are several ideas:

Beef jerky
fishing lures
small tools
trail mix
ball point pen
And what guy doesn't love canned cheese?

Step 9: Decorate

Add bits of tissue paper and then tie a colorful bow around the box. Any guy would be glad to get this because it was made just for him!  After all the items are gone he can reuse it for an organizer for small tools, etc...

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