Festive Jar

Step 1: Choose a Jar

You can choose any size of jar it does not matter,but just make sure it has a lid. I choose a fairly small jar to fit on my shelf .

Step 2: Paint It

I used white frosted glass spray paint to give it a misty look.You can use any colour of paint for any season I just choose winter.Let the paint dry for an hour or two then you can decorate.

Step 3: Decorate

I choose a snowflake ,but it's totally up to you.Also try and find a little bell to tie on .Tie metal wire around the jar and twist it to be tight, then loop the bell on the wire and the snowflake (leaf,flower,sun ext)then twist again to keep it on.

Step 4: Done

Hope you try my festive jar idea and would like to see your recreation in the comments ;)



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