Festive Ornament

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These steps will show you how to create a festive ornament for any Winter holiday!

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Step 1: Draw an Involute Gear in SketchUp Pro.

Make sure that you have the pro version, or you cannot draw gears! You may put any gear ratio on yours, because you don't have to worry about making it so that it meshes with another gear.

Step 2: Explode the Gear and Push + Pull It to Any Thickness You Want.

Make sure that you have the select tool chosen or exploding will not be an option. For my ornament, I wanted it to be nice and tall.

Step 3: Use the Offset Tool to Create a Cool Design on the Top of the Gear.

Use it on any dot. Patterns vary immensely depending on where you use the tool.

Step 4: Fill in the Pattern With Color.

Feel free to use any colors you'd like to use. I had a glitch with filling as you can see, if you look at it yourself it might not happen, who knows. I was unable to fix it.

Step 5: Export to STL, Upload to Thingiverse, and You're Done!

As this was designed as a sort of sitting ornament, you may add a hole for a string to hang on a Christmas tree instead. You could give these as Christmas presents. Enjoy your new ornament!

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