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My fiance asked me to help build her a fairy garden. It looks like a lot, but really isn't so bad. We probably spent around $50-100 but only because my fiance really likes shop for fairies. This still isn't finished, we still add to the garden from time to time.

Things used:
wood stump (firewood I hadn't cut)
flower pots (plastic & ceramic)
fairies - Amazon & gardening stores
solar "fairy lights" - Amazon
fairy pavers
doll house bench & fence

circular saw
dremel tool

Step 1: Plan

We had this log. The idea was to make a spiral staircase. I took some time with a marker and sketched how we wanted the stairs. Wanted to be certain that the door we purchased would sit correctly.

Step 2: Cutting

Using a circular saw, I carved larger chunks of the stump away. I used the dremel to get more detail into the steps. The chisel helped get edges right. Once I was happy with the outcome, I sanded until everything was smooth. I found a chunk of bark that spoke "door" to me, and used it as a balcony door.

Step 3: Place and Build

We stacked 2 flower pots after filling them & planting some creeping plants in them. Here we added a windmill and a fairy. I'll be honest, my fiance is the one with the green thumb.

Step 4: Decorate

Using some of the purchased items, decorate the garden as if you lived with this tiny home. This changed several times before we decided on our favorite placement.

Step 5: Reconstruction

After consideration and contemplation we decided that we wanted the upper pot to be stepped.

We removed the pot and emptied it. I cracked the ceramic pot on the blacktop. Partly refilling the pot with dirt and sand I used the chipped peices to create the steps. Once it was finished, we covered the dirt in blue glass stones.

Step 6: Details

Anything you purchased to decorate the garden, now is the time.

This is also when we started adding plants to the garden.

Step 7: Lights

Add your lights. Don't block the doors or your fairies won't be able to use them.



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    Reply 1 year ago

    that was worked and detailed with a dremel


    2 years ago

    Looks quite cute and effective :-) Thanks for sharing