Fideo the Easy Way

Introduction: Fideo the Easy Way

Here is my way of making a tasty and fairly cheap meal of Tex-Mex fideo. This is the crowd pleasing, keep the stuff on hand because you never know who will show up kind of meal.

Step 1: Gather the Needed Stuff

For this recipe i used the following:

2-poblano peppers, you could use green bell peppers but its a totally different taste
2- potatoes, any will do
1-box of fideo noodles
1- can of diced tomatoes
2 pounds of hamburger
and of course fideo ole from Bolners spices. Here is there website ( if you cant find them at your local grocery store

Step 2: Brown the Noodles

This is a very important step, I don't know why but it adds to the over all flavor of the soup. I just dump the noodles in a pan without any oil and let them brown on med heat while I cut everything else up. It doesn't take long and you just want them a darker shade of brown then what they look like out of the box. Be careful to not burn them.

Step 3: Start Browning the Hamburger Meat.

I normally brown the hamburger at a med high heat. Just make sure its all fully cooked

Step 4: Chop Up All the Vegetables

I chop up everything into dice sized or smaller pieces while i am waiting on the hamburger and noodles to brown.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Once the hamburger is browned add all of the chopped vegetables to it and stir them in.

Step 6: The Most Important Part

Eat it after the noodles are cooked and the vegetables are soft. Enjoy

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