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About: I'm a social-worker, working with 12 - 23 year-olds. I used to be a printer. In 2018 I opened a small makerspace ( in my house, where I have lasercutters, 3d-printers, Arduino's, Mindstorms and ...

The fidget spinners are crazy, but when everybody has one, I want something else.

So I designed an inclosed 'puck' box, with a spinner inside. You 3D-print this design with only three parts and add two skate bearings.

I printed one black puck and a transparant one. I really like the transparant because you can see the spinner, spin inside.

The two halves of the puck easily screw closed with the spinner centered inside.

Step 1: You Will Need


  • filament
  • two skate bearings


  • 3D printer
  • hammer or vice

And that's it!

Step 2: The Design

This is my first design in Fusion360 :) So I'm impressed with the result.

There is one spinner with two standard skate bearings. (22mm x 7mm with 8mm hole)

The two shells of the puck screw together. Fusion360 has a really easy function to create threat. (Thank you Maker's Muse for the tutorial) and it prints without problems.

The STL-files are added.

Step 3: Printing

I printed this on my new (second hand) 3D-printer; Createbot Mini.


  • PLA
  • 210 C
  • fill: 30%
  • no support
  • bed: 60 C

Step 4: Finnish

  • Use a hammer or vice (or really strong person) to push het bearings in the spinner.
  • Put the spinner with one of the bearings (the best one) in the peg of one of the shells.
  • Screw the other shell on top of the shell with the spinner.

Spin the spinner bij moving and vibrating the puck in your hand.

Try to put it away again....



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