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In the rows below we wish to show how can a powerfull fidget spinner generator can be created. It will generate 100 Volts Ac at the start and it will be able to light a led bulb 230 V 9 W . An educational project, using just a few materials.

a sciencetoolbar project :

Step 1: Materials :

Materials :

1. fidget spinner

2. coil iron- less - inside syncronous motor 230 V - microwaves and A4 laminators

3. glue

4. bearing ( neodymium sphere 30 mm metal holder)

5. wires

6. three neodymium sphere 13 mm ( extra weight for the fidget spinner)

7. led bulb 230 V 9 W

8. wires

9. plastic holder ( used to fix the fidget spinner generator )

10. voltmeter

Step 2: Operations :

1. fix the fidget spinner plastic holder on a box using glue

2. fix the bearing on the fidget spinner ( 30 mm neodymium sphere metal holder )

3. fix 3 neodymium spheres on the fidget spinner ( extra weight)

4. attach the 30 mm neodymium sphere between poles on the bearing ( the glue one )

5. connect the voltmeter in Ac mode to the coil output

6. connect 9 W led bulb 230 V to the output coil using wires you can use related led bulb 3 W , 7 W also

7. assembles all the components

Step 3: Important

when you are attaching the 30 mm neodymium sphere on the metal holder ( bearing glued on the fidget spinner), fix the sphere between the magnetic poles to obtain the maximum voltage.

a sciencetoolbar project

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    1 year ago

    thats really smart! i thought about doing the same thing with bayblades( basicaly super speedy spining tops)