Generator - Fidget Spinner and 3 Neo Spheres

Introduction: Generator - Fidget Spinner and 3 Neo Spheres

About: Rotating magnetic fields generator research, electric motor, electric generators, electric vehicles

fidget spinner electric generator using 3 neodymiums spheres 13 mm, a coil iron -les and a led .

Find us ON INSTAGRAM and see a simple electric vehicle - 3 wheels :

Step 1: Materials I Used to Create Fidget Spinner Generator 3

13 mm neodymium sphere - 3 pieces

coil iron - less - 1 piece

led - 1 piece



Step 2: Operations :

attach the neodymium spheres to the fidget spinner

use the glue tu fix the coil through the plastic part on the fidget spinner

connect the led to the output wires ( iro - less coil )

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    You did what I had in mind :D

    Now, we have to found a way to store this energy and we will be self-sufficient ! No more climatic problem .... The world owe you a big deal man !


    Reply 2 years ago

    first it must be improve. ( air friction, bearing, coil ( I used a cheap fidget spinner 0.5 $) . It is created in educational purpose like all other projects