Fidget Toy From Old PC Keyboard




Introduction: Fidget Toy From Old PC Keyboard

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I made a fidget toy from a broken computer keyboard that was being discarded. You can click the key or squish it.

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Step 1: Destroy Your Keyboard

NOTE: Please don't destroy a working keyboard.

Using a screwdriver, pop off a keyboard key of your choice. Pop off the ones around it as well. Heat up a knife with a candle or stovetop and cut as shown in the image. Once you have removed this piece of plastic, sand the edges smooth. Discard the rest of the keyboard or cut out more squares.

Step 2: Random Hardware

You will need a lock washer a few millimeters in diameter. The lock washer should fit perfectly over the stem of your keyboard key. You will also need a spring that is slightly smaller than your lock washer. The spring should be a few millimeters long and very easy to compress. You can always cut a longer spring to size with wire cutters.

Step 3: Put It Together!

Put the spring onto the stem of your keyboard key then follow it with the lock washer. Next, snap on the piece of plastic you cut out from the keyboard in Step 1. It only goes on one way.

Step 4: Optional: Make It Look Nicer

If you want, you can sand off the character on the keyboard key and color it black with a Sharpie. You have to look really hard to see the character.

Step 5: Enjoy It!

Have fun squishing your keyboard key or pressing it.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    That's a fun way to reuse an old keyboard, and you can make a lot of them :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    It takes a little more effort to find the springs and washers. By the way, you can extract silver from the plastic sheet inside the keyboard