Fidget Toys From Trash. Analog, Roller, and a Switch!




Introduction: Fidget Toys From Trash. Analog, Roller, and a Switch!

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Hello everyone, I'm back again with a simple recycled project. Now i will show you how to make a FIDGET TOY from a trash or something arounds you.

I make this because I like recycle all of my trash in my house to make something unique. I get this inspiration from this Instructables. I like the project, so i make it myself, but i'm not make it same like this Instructables. I will make the Fidget toys using a trash, so the price is super low or maybe you like me. I'm not use a money to make this!!!!.

Ok Let's make it.

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Step 1: Get the Materials


  • 2 Bottle caps / lids
  • Small Potensiometer. (I get the potensiometer from my broken headphone)
  • Analog from broken joystick
  • Small thing for joystick analog handle
  • Switch or button
  • Glue (I use hot glue and super glue to glue this)

You can modify the materials or you can add something you likes.


  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • and any tools maybe you need

Step 2: The Button and Potensiometer

For this steps, you will need your knife to do this steps.

  • First, i take the potensiometer and place it to the bottle caps;
  • Next, i cut the bottle caps like image 2 for the potensiometer;
  • After i cut it, the bottle caps will looks like image 3 and 4 if i place the potensiometer inside the bottle caps;
  • Next, make a square hole on the top of the bottle caps for place the switch;
  • Place the switch and the potensiometer to the bottle caps and glue it.

Next we need to works with another bottle caps.

Step 3: The Joystick Analog

This steps is like steps 2. We needs knife. But now, also we need a screwdrivers and scissors.

  • My joystick analog is not fit inside to the bottle caps. So in this step, first i cut the pcb to make the analog fit inside the bottle caps;
  • After the analog can fit inside the caps, i'm make a hole at the center of the bottle caps using screwdrivers and make it big using scissors;
  • Next, i make the inside smooth using knife. Be Carefull, don't cuts anything around you;

Step 4: Glue the Joystick Analog

  • Next, i'm insert the analog to the caps for check it if the analog can fit inside;
  • Next, i drop a superglue to the analog, insert it to the caps and i'm glue it again using hoy glue for make the analog not move from the place.

Step 5: Unite the 2 Parts

Gluing Times!!!

  • Take the 2 parts of this toys;
  • Next, i glue it using superglue. Wait the glue to dry;
  • After the glue dries, i add a small tactile switch to around another switch;
  • Because the analog handle is to small, so i change the handle using a cars toy tire. It will make comfortable to use this.

And thats it, its all about how to make Fidget toys from trash.

Step 6: Thankss

Thanks for look my works! I hope you like this.

Also don't forget to Vote me, it will be Awesome prize for me.

Thank you very much and sorry for my English.

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3 years ago

I want to do something similar. Thank You for inspiration!


Reply 2 years ago

As I said, I made my own fidget toy in this instructable. Once again thanx for inspiration!


Reply 3 years ago

Gpp, yang penting kita saling dukung. Semangat!!! :)