Field Marking Wheel




About: I'm a cheapskate. So I figure out how to make everything. From batting cages to tetherball courts. The more expensive the funner to make.

Intro: Field Marking Wheel

So the field line chalkers are too expensive to use for practice and baseball. So I made one to save money and easy for the kids to learn the field.

Step 1: Materials.

2 bucket lids
A length of gutter screen
1/4 inch threaded rod
1/4 inch hardware
3ft length of 1/2 EMT

Step 2: Prep

Drill holes in center is lids
Cut screen to wrap around and overlap a little bit.
Tie them together with small tie wraps
I taped it on the edges cause the screen was too large so I narrowed it to about 2 inches.

Step 3: Put It Together

Drill a 5/16 hole in the emt and in the lids.
Run the rod through and cut it to length
On the rod put a nut a washer emt a washer a nut then another nut and then another washer. Then sandwich one lid and put a washer and another nut. Tighten down then add powder and put the other lid and a washer and tighten down with a wing nut.

Step 4: Finished

Now go make lines for your kids to play baseball or whatever sport they want. Easy huh. And it was less then 10 bucks. (Patent pending)



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Thank you hope it comes in handy. Sorry for being so brief but I built it while dealing with my lil ones fighting


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Nice project. Thanks for sharing! I hope we see more from you in the future!