Fieldhockey Helmet - From Mould Till Finnish




About: Matthieu Libeert, Born 24th January 1990. Fascinated by Design, Prototyping, Composites, Digital Arts and Video editing.

In this tutorial you can see step by step how it's done! I don't think extra written information is needed?
If you have some extra questions, please ask, I'll be more than happy to answer them as fast as possible!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You sure master a lot of different techniques. Great to watch your videos.
    One question: what type of varnish do you use? I saw the spray can in the video (part 4) but it was not very clear. And where do you buy it?

    4 replies

    thanks, It's also part of what I'm studying (Industrial Product Design) So a lot of prototyping and so on, but the composites part I did on my own, lots of reading on the internet and so on... to answer to your question; The varnish is a simple spraycan varnish you can get everywhere in your local DIY store, It would be better to use a 2-part varnish and spray it with a spraygun but you would need a spraybooth and more expensive materials... so If it's not for professional work this should be more than enough!

    Thanks. If you say it would be better to use a 2-part you mean that 2-part varnish looks better or is it more durable (harder)? I was planning to use it on carbon parts of a small boat I'm building.

    Durable! if you are planning to do a boat I would take 2-Part! The varnish out of a spraycan (1component) is more cosmetical and to protect the resin against yellowing from UV and so on... if you have a deep mould you can apply a gelcoat first, so you don't have to spray varnish on it... some gelcoats are UV stable... you should google a bit and find a supplier near you.
    I used gelcoat in a deep mould in this project: