Fifi the Robot

Introduction: Fifi the Robot

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This is FIFI the Robot. FIFI is very feminine and cute. I hope you enjoy building it. Let's work on it!

In this page you will find the PDF to print the model and build FIFI

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Step 1:

Before assembling the robot, you will see dots and stars on all the parts. These areas with dots will be glued to the areas with stars. We will call these parts the “sticky ends”.

Step 2:

Cut out all four parts A, B, C, and D by cutting around the bold lines.

Step 3:

Part A is going to make up the two arms of the robot. Separate the part by cutting in the middle of the strip across the bold line. Now you have two pieces. Leave the sticky ends alone.

Step 4:

Piece B will be the face of the robot. Leave the sticky end alone for now.

Step 5:

Piece C will be the torso of the robot. After cutting, fold the torso into an oval cylinder as shown and glue the edges together. The cylinder will be placed with the open ends facing the front and back. Now, the oval cylinder should have 4 sticky ends left: two for the arms; two for the legs. Leave them alone for now.

Step 6:

Part D makes up the two legs of the robot. Separate the part by cutting in the middle of the strip across the bold line in the fashion similar to part A. Each piece is then folded into a cylinder. Now you should have two cylinders.

Step 7:

Now we will assemble the head and the limbs of the robots. Glue the sticky ends together according to diagram labels.

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