Fifth Element Stones With LED

Introduction: Fifth Element Stones With LED

This instuctable will detail how to make one of the stones from The Fifth Element. For each stone you will need: around 6 inches of wire, two springs, one AAA battery, a maker-bot, and an LED the color of the element you are creating.

Step 1: Body

First, draw an equilateral triangle with each side 40mm long. Next, boss extrude the triangle to 100mm. Now extrude cut a smaller equilateral triangle (sides 29.6mm) 25mm into the top of the triangular prism. close the cavity with an identical triangle placed over the top of the hole 3mm thick. Your stone should now look like this in cross-section veiw:

Step 2:

Now, draw a circle with diameter 15.5mm centered on the other end of the triangular prism and extrude cut it to a depth of 72mm. Centered at the bottom of this new hole, draw another circle 5mm in diameter and extrude cut it Up To Next. your stone should now look like this when in cross-section view:

Step 3:

Now, draw the sketch in the picture and extrude it to a depth of mm. (note, make sure to make the sketch on the same end of the triangular prism as the previous step) next, make a hole at the bottom of each sunken tab created by the previously created feature. the hole size is M2X.40, to a depth of 10mm. the finished cut should look like the second image. last, create a plane exactly halfway into the triangular prism from the side. draw a half-circle with a radius of 6, centered at the top of the prism (the smooth end)on this new plane. last draw a circle on the top of the rectangular prism with its center on one end of the arch previously created and a diameter of 4mm, and swept boss the two sketches. The result should be a small hook ring as shown in picture 3. You are now done with the base that you use for all of the stones.

Step 4:

now you must choose which stone you wish to create.
     Fire: probably the most complex in terms of design. create the sketch in the first image, and extrude cut it on all three sides to a depth of 2mm.
     Water: create the sketch in picture 2, and extrude it to a depth of 2mm on all three sides.
     Air: create the sketch in picture 3 and extrude it to  a depth of 2mm on all three sides.
     Earth: by far the easiest to create. Draw the sketch in picture 4 and extrude cut it to a depth of 2mm on all three sides.
The finished stones should look like picture 5.

Step 5: Battery Pack.

Recreate the odd sketch that you made on the bottom of the triangular prism in a new part, and extrude it to 3mm. It should look like picture 1. Now draw two circle on the top of the solid with diameters 11.5mm and 15.5mm. extrude the created ring 10mm. Now, draw a circle with a diameter of 10mm on the bottom of the solid, and extrude cut it up to next. Your part should look like picture 2. Next, close off the end of the tube created earlier. and create an extruded half circle on top of the newly made flat surface. your model should now look like picture 3. Now, create a circular flat on top of the previously created half-arch 3mm thick. create a square at the apex of the arch on the top of the model, and extrude cut it down to the lower surface, creating a battery cage. your model should now look like picture 4.create a ring and plate similar to those created in pictures 2 and 3. then cut a hole through the first layer of the top of the model. this will contain the LED. your model should now resemble picture 5. now, cut a hole in the shape of a half circle at the base of the battery cage, creating a pathway for the wiring and switch. Create an identical hole at the top of the battery cage, allowing the wires to lead to the LED. These features are circled in picture 6. last, extrude cut a tiny hole(1mm in diameter) in the center of the top of the battery cage Up To Next, and drill out the holes in the tabs at the base of the model. (M2X0.40) your completed model should look like picture 7.

Step 6: Button

the final (and by far simplest) part of the assembly is the button. simply draw a circle 10mm in diameter, and extrude it out to a depth of 5mm. now, draw a concentric set of circles on one end of the cylinder diameters 6mm, and 8mm. extrude cut the created ring to a depth of 2mm, creating the spring slot. the finished product should look like the image.

Step 7: Assembaly

print out all of the parts created in the previous steps, and assemble them as shown in picture 1. Wire the battery core as specified in step 5. last, glue a spring into the slot of the button, and into the base of the button-well, permanently securing it in place. Congratulation you now have a stone of your choice from the movie The Fifth Element

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    Same here, they look good in theory (i.e. the model) and the idea of having these stones for mood lighting is great. Hope you get them done and share ;).


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, Any chance of uploading the STL files?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great movie. I like what you have done here.