Fig Syrup

This is a manual to prepare a Fig Syrup, to improve disease problems like flu or cough. Try to follow each step correctly to get better results and get better soon. 

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Step 1: Figs

The Fig Syrup, though to its function as a home natural medicine, its manufactura and process of making results really comfortable and simple. For this syrup, you only need to follow 3 easy steps to get the best of it.

The fig is used as medicine, it helps to improve the diferent diseases in our society, such as:

-Cough problems
-Respiratory problems

Step 2: Manufacture

In this manual, you'll know how tom prepare to types of Fig syrup, they are easy steps, so you won't get trouble in success making this syrup. 

Step 3: First Step

The first step is to get the materials to manufacture the medicine, in this step you need:
-5 figs
-A pot

Step 4: Second Step

Cook the figs and milk, put the figs and milk inside the pot, until the mix starts to be thick

Step 5: Third Step

Try to get a bottle and put it inside. Drink 4 tablespoons of the mix dialy.

Step 6: TIPS

-For a better result, you should get 6 figs, then follow the process the same way.

-You can add honey to the mix too. Honey improves cough problems, though to its components. 


This is a second proccess that you can follow to prepare a Fig Syrup, for this proccess you need the following materials

Step 8: Materials

For the second option of Fig Syrup, all you'll need is: 

-150cm^3 of wine
-4-5 Figs

Step 9: First Step

In this step, you need to get a cup and the 150cm^3 of wine

Step 10: Second Step

In the second step of this proccess, you'll need to put the figs inside the cup

Step 11: Third Step

Leave the cup with wine and figs inside all the night, then, the next morning, eat the figs

Step 12: NOTE

It is not recommended to follow this process if you are: 

-A kid: wine usually is for adults
-A driver: if you're a driver, try not to eat all
-Ex-Alcoholic: this may introduce you again in the alcoholism



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