Fighter Jet Cockpit for Kids (kit Ready for Print Included)





Dear pilots,

In case your kid loves planes (or you want him/her to love planes) this intructable will be perfect for you! A cardboard cockpit of A-10, scaled down for your little beloved ones.

You know, when kids are busy with playing, they doesn't behave bad. (except when they playing with firecrackers, knife. etc)

This time i will not repeat my previous instructables about how to design cockpit from scratch, because it is pretty much boring already, but today i will give you finished source files ready for print and cut.


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Step 1: What You Will Need

First you need to find a printer company what has a plotter for cardboard (1mm or 2mm thickness) in size of A0 which is 841x1189 mm area.

You also need the kit files, here is link for download:

Don't forget to download also the manual, it is pretty similar like on the full-scaled version, so i did the manual just for full scaled version.

Then you will need hot glue gun (be carefull, it is hot! Thanks mr. Obvious)

Also maybe a blade for corrections, but it should be all tested and easy to assemble. Only if you use thicker cardboard than 2 mm, you should make holes bigger, but that is easy.

Lets go to assemble.

Step 2: Assembly

So you've got your freshly printed and cutted kit from Printer co. Or you printed it by yourself, anyway you have it at this stage ready to assembly. (Check the textures, they are ultramegahigres to look like a real ones).

All steps are described in the manual, you can also check timelapse of making full scaled version, which is similar as his little brother. More clear is this animation

I am starting from base part. It is that U shaped largest part in kit. Then continue with ribs- first is that front one with texture and then place no 1,2,3 and connect them with two B ribs, then add three A ribs and continue as manual says.

Step 3: Tips & Tricks

All horizontal ribs have an arrows heading to the front. You have to keep this rule and don't mismatch even left and right side.

At start i connect both fuselage sides to the floor, but leave it open till the skeleton is done.

After skeleton is done, make sure that all ribs are correctly locked in position and whole construction is in right angle, copying shape of the floor. Then you can glue it together. Horizontal ribs are usualy longer than necesary, so you can bend the end and glue to the vertical ribs.

Rest is pretty straight forward and if you wish, you can add a tablet inside the MIP with an aircraft game to have it more entertaining.

Step 4: Share Your Cockpits!

If you succeed to build whole kit, please share the photo with us, i would love to see that my idea is spreaded over the world and making kids happy.

In case you like my instructable, please vote for it in cardboard contest, Thank you!

Next time i will share plans for kids ejection seat, have your cockpits ready by then!

Thanks for Reading!


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    2 years ago

    can you post the scale here pls

    Don WalkerBeachsideHank

    Reply 3 years ago

    Well it depence how many planes your kid shoot down, then you can print some stickers and add them . But good idea , I will think about make and share some kills stickers. :)