TIY Fighter

Introduction: TIY Fighter

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Step 1:

this is what you need.

Step 2:

put the 2 1x2 on the rod

Step 3:

put the 2 circle pieces on the rod.

Step 4:

put the 8x4 peas on the circle.

Step 5:

put the circle pieces on the 2 x 1 pieces

Step 6:

put the little circle on the little squares as described in the diagram. Then put it on the rear of your fighter plain

Step 7:

Put two pieces together that close to each other. Look at diagram 2 to see how it could be

Step 8:

Put the curved circle piece on the front of the fighter plain

Step 9:

Put one of the little circle on one of the rods then do Exactly the same as you did this first time. then put 1 on both wengs.

Step 10:


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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I think he means TIE fighter.


    Is this a plane or TIE fighter? The title is very misleading.