Figure 8 Loom



I buy my paracord as i need it from the local chain craft store using coupons. It comes in various sizes and lengths. The cord comes in hanks that become a mess if you try to remove cord as you need it. There are various ways to change that hank to something easier to use

Step 1: Figure 8 Loom

In my (very) humble opinion the "Figure-Eight" set-up is the best method. It is simple make and easy to deploy the cord as desired.

I used two pieces of an aluminum rod for pegs and made the loom by drilling peg size holes in a piece of scrap lumber and placing a tie off (eye screw) to secure the standing end of the paracord.

Step 2:

Place the first peg in the first hole. Place the second peg according to the size and length of the cord you are using. In this case I am using 95 paracord - 25' long

Tie the cord to the tie off point and bring the cord above the two pegs.

Step 3:

Bring the cord around the second peg and above the first

Step 4:

Bring the cord around the first peg and above the second

Step 5:

Bring the cord around the second peg and . . .

Step 6:

. . . continue in this manner until there is about 1' of cord remaining

Step 7:

Bring the cord around the figure 8 and underneath the bight

Step 8:

. Bring the cord in the opposite direction a couple of times and . . ..

Step 9:

. . . tuck it under itself and pull snug.

Step 10:

Remove the figure 8 from the loom. Pull the cord from the "tie off" end as you need it



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