File Cabinet Christmas Decoration Organizer




Introduction: File Cabinet Christmas Decoration Organizer

File cabinet ready for the trash after a garage sale weekend passed by over & over.  I put it up for sale on Craigslist and then when I checked for some pricing I realized there was an over abundance of file cabinets already on CL, which they all looked less rusty and abused than this one.  I hated something so structurally sound and strong to just go away but it was serving no purpose.  I thought about it for a while and got inspired to give something a try since my grandmother has been needing some kind of Christmas wrapping, ribbon, box, bow organizer.  Reuse file cabinet.

Tools used:
 - Cordless drill with a hex driver

 - Wheel Casters
 - Sheet Metal Screws
 - Old rusty file cabinet
 - 4 cans of spray paint

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Step 1: Drawers Have Uses Too

I was planning to just use the hollowed out file cabinet to put grandmother's overabundance of wrapping paper but I hated to not use the drawers for something so then I started arranging them until I thought this idea would work out.  Playing with spray paint too.

Step 2: Nifty Adjustment Shelf

Worked out that this file cabinet had the metal divider that makes for adjustable shelving.  Woohoo...

Step 3: More Shelves

My original plan was just to use the hollowed out file cabinet, then I decided to use two drawers, well now I decided why not try and use all the drawers.  Kind of looks natural.

Step 4: Time for Paint

Left out the step where I put wheel casters on, but they're on there.  Now time for the fun part.  SPRAY PAINT!!!  I didn't give much effort into sanding old rust off because this was not a show piece, just a functional piece.  Paint just made it look like it had more purpose than an old rusty hunk of metal in garage.  Didn't waste paint on the back because this cart will be against a wall 95% of the year.

Step 5: Purpose Met

Well, here's the reason for the inspiration.  I'm sure it will get added to over the years with hooks, trays, clips, etc.

Not the most aesthetic.  I'm sure someone will let me know how I could have done things a little better, and I agree.

Hope this inspires someone out there that has an old file cabinet laying around.  Thanks for looking.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Or... You could just put the Christmas decorations in the file cabinet.

    Wow... this is so ubteresting. I never would have thought to use a filing cabinet and deconstruct it like that. Brilliant!


    3 years ago

    Nah this looks good! Just toss the 'bottom' end against a wall and yet golden.

    transforming vintage

    I think you did an excellent job. I like to see people taking items that were trash bound and breathing new life into them.