K'nex File Holder

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I have made an instructables once again! I tried to be as creative as l could. This should hold your files or any other paper that's lying around. You can hold newspapers, crossword puzzles and things like that into the holder. Just remember not to overload it but quite alot can fit in without it braking.

Step 1: Piece Hunting!

Gather the pieces listed:
Connectors:                                                             Rods:
6 dark gray                                                               18 green
0 light gray                                                                24 white
12 orange                                                                 27 blue
14 red                                                                        9 yellow
0 green                                                                      12 red
23 purple                                                                   3 gray
28 yellow
0 blue
0 whight
(I tried  my best to do a cool set - out :) )

Step 2: Making the Holder Bits

Follow the notes on the pictures.

Step 3: Making the Bottom of the File Holder

Here you will make the bottom of the file holder. Once again, follow the notes on the pictures.

Step 4: Connect the Bottom

Here you will attach these two pictured.

Step 5: Attach the Holder Bits

Here you will attach the holder bits to the bottom. Make sure you follow all the image notes CAREFULLY FROM LEFT TO RIGHT!!!!!

Step 6: That's All Folks!

Well, you've finished! Have fun with your new file holder!!!



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