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This is my first instructable so please feel free to comment on what I can improve.

Today I will teach you how to make a magazine file out of a cereal box. It's very simple.

What You will need:

• A Cereal Box


• Scissors

• A Sharpie

Step 1: Drawing Your Template

First you need to draw a line from the top corner of your box all the way to around the middle of your box then all the way around to the corner on the other side. Don't draw the line to close to the bottom or else your file won't be stable.

Step 2: Cut Along the Line

Then you cut along the line. Wavy lines are okay but just don't cut it all the way to the base.

Step 3: You Are DONE!!!

After you finish cutting you are done!!! Now you can put stuff in it. This is a great way to reuse your cereal boxes and save money and plastic. Hope you liked my instructable.

*Feel free to comment what you liked and what you didn't.



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