Little Baby Filet Crochet Set


Introduction: Little Baby Filet Crochet Set

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Hot off the hook! This preemie set in the filet crochet technique measures approx. 17-1/2" w. x 18-1/2" h., with a hat circumference of 14". The sample is shown in a soft worsted weight, using a size H hook. Inspiration for my original design came from an old book of charts for needlepoint backgrounds--perfect for interpreting in filet crochet! The understated contrast edging is a combination of double and single crochet stitches, lending a finishing touch while framing the beauty of the boxed filet pattern, worked in double crochet throughout.  Free pattern here



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    Thanks. I love filet crochet. Charted designs like this made in yarn (rather than thread) work up so fast!

    Thanks very much for all the good feedback! Yes, I'm glad I discovered this contest today - DBKN