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Maayong hapon! That means 'good afternoon' in Cebuano, one of the languages spoken in the southern half of the Philippines. This Instructible will teach you how to make an easy, authentic Filipino Plastic Bag Kite. To give credit where credit is due, I learned how to make this craft from my Filipino teacher, Loreben Metillo.

Step 1: Bag Slicing

Grab a plastic bag with a size of your choice. (The bigger, the better) Cut off the handles, the sides, and the bottom (see picture 2). When you are done, you should have two squares of plastic. You only need one per kite though.

Step 2: Stick the Sticks On

Now, get two sticks that are the length of one diagonal corner of the bag to the other. Use string or rubber bands to tie them to the corners. You also have to bind the center 'x' of sticks together.

Step 3: The Tail and String

You probably have some leftover plastic bag parts that need to be about an inch and a half wide and a foot long. These will be used as the tails. You can tie them to two opposite sides of the kite or to the traditional bottom corner. The string of the kite (any old twine will do) should be about ten feet long for maximum height while flying. Attach it to the center 'x' of the kite on one end and a popsicle stick on the other end. Remember to do tight knots!

Tip: For a secure knot, tie it once or twice on both ends.

Step 4: Onward and Upward!

Now, the fun part. (Well, with a good 'ible, every part's fun. :p) Go into a big windy place. To fly, let out two or three feet of string behind you and start running! Make sure that the air catches in the kite to give it more height. As you go along, let out string (appropriately) and the kite should soar along behind you. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment! ;D



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    2 years ago

    Daghan salamat. Nindot ang imong instructable.

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    2 years ago

    A video I saw showed the craftsman gluing on the handle of a parang machete by stuffing the hole with plastic bag bits and shoving the heated tang down to the end, sorta acted like hot melt glue, held fast when cooled too! ☺