Fill Yoda With Individually Dispensable, Indispensable Advice

Introduction: Fill Yoda With Individually Dispensable, Indispensable Advice

Yoda. He is the last Jedi sage and hundreds of years old. Much advice he gives. But from whence does the advice come?

It comes in prepackaged advice packs, of course!

Proper maintenance of your Yoda includes filling him with the advice that you so desperately crave. The secrets to doing this are contained herein.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:

* Your freindly Yoda (in a state devoid of "advice")
* Package of PEZ brand advice

Step 2: Open the Advice

I have never had a pack of PEZ that opened cleanly. I don't know what kind og lue they use, but it is definitely stronger than the tensile strength of the wrapping paper.

Why does this matter? Well, I am assuming that, like me, you are at least midly OCD and you MUST put all of the advice pellets in Yoda at the same time. Who wants to put them in one-at-a-time anyways? That's how they come out.

So you have to unwrap the advice pellets carefully. This way, when the paper starts tearing, you can compensate. If you unwrap carefully, you will wind up ready to load the full stack of pellets easily.

Step 3:

Some try to bring the advice to Yoda, but I find it easier to let Yoda consume his tasty advice from a nice, flat surface. Yoda is sporting some wicked ears there, so I do this on the edge to accomodate.

Interestingly, with Yoda's gullet fully extended, the pellets from a full pack will not neatly slide straight in. Since it would be no fun to eat a pellet now, you can easily tilt Yoda's head back a bit to accomodate that one last pellet. Line Yoda up and slide the pellets into his gullet.

When you stand him back up, his neck will slide back down from gravity instead of the spring.

Step 4: Enjoy the Sweet, Sweet Advice!

You now have a Yoda full of sweet bits of advice to give. Enjoy the advice at will, then fill him back up thirty seconds later upon exhastion of said advice.

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