Filled Pastry-Swan


for the dough:        
                               - 150 gram flour
                               - 20 gram yeast
                               - one yolk
                               - 100 gram butter

for the filling:          
                               - one tin of tuna
                               - cream cheese

everything else:    
                              - small biscuits
                              - vegetables for decoration


Creating some "Pastry-Swans" is very easy. Start with mixing some dough. Just put the flour, the butter, the yeast and one yolk in a bowl and mix it together. When finished put it on a warm place and wait for about one hour to let the dough brew.

Cut pieces from the dough and use them to produce small worms. Bend them on two sides to create the heads. Heat the oven to 175 C° and bake them in it for about 20 minutes.

For the body of the swans you have to cut the biscuits in two pieces. Use the lower piece for the body and cut the upper piece so that you have two wings in the right size.

For the filling I like to mix some tuna with some cream cheese but you can add whatever you want. It's up to your own taste.

Drape everything so that it's looking nice!

Ready are your filled pastry-swans!




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