Film Canister Speakers(Sound Shooters)

Introduction: Film Canister Speakers(Sound Shooters)

These are some pretty loud speakers from two film cannisters and over the ear headphones with ok sound

Parts needed:
1. Two black of white film canisters
2. Round 1 inch diameter speakers
3. Two water bottle caps that will fit over speakers snugly
4. Ipod or source for sound

Tools needed:
1.Drill with drill bits
2. Hot glue gun
3. Common sense (important)

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Step 1: Speakers

Find speakers that will fit inside water bottle caps;
find water bottle caps that will fit in a film cannister

Step 2: Drill Baby Drill

once you find speakers that will fit in a bottle cap and a bottle cap that will fit in a film cannisters get ready to drill baby drill,

you will want to drill a hole just about the size of the processing indent on the film cannisters and the same size hole in the middle of the water bottle cap

Step 3: Glu It

once getting holes drilled in the two film cannisters and two waterbottle caps its time for hot glue,

glue the speakers in the water bottle caps but leave room between the speakers and top fof cap, now take the water bottle cap speakers and fit them in the film cannisters make sure the back of the speaker is flush with the rim of the film cannister

Step 4: Glu It

hot glue generously just around the rim of the fim cannister, this should hold the speaker pretty good, also create a stress relive by gluing the wir tto the film cannister so as not to get ripped of the speaker

Step 5:

Yayyyyyyy we r done, delivers ok sound can get pretty loud on ipod itself and e z to make

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