Filofax Hack: Make a Portable Peripherals Storage Case



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I loved my filofax back in the day. Having spent most of yesterday looking for my passport, I came across a lot of old stuff - and amongst it my old organiser.

I haven't used it in about a decade, but I was loathe to throw it out.

So, as part of my never-ending quest to find a means of keeping all my cables and peripherals in one, untangled place whilst traveling, I decided to try a wee hack.

I thought the rings would pose a problem, but no. By neatly winding up cables, and putting them through three rings at a time, they are held snugly and securely.

The card slots hold SD cards, flash drives and even an MP3 player perfectly, and the compartment at the back which used to hold a notepad, is perfect for a card reader.

The filofax is currently holding:

A card reader
Short usb to mini usb cable
Long usb to mini usb cable
MP3 cable
USB to USB cable
USB to micro USB cable
MP3 player
2 flash drives
4 SD/Compact flash cards
A bluetooth earpiece

It closes perfectly, and everything is in one, secure place. Score.




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