Filtering Your E-mails

Introduction: Filtering Your E-mails

Couldn't find that message you wanted cause your e-mail inbox contains over a hundred of messages? Or maybe even more than a thousand? Worry no more! Filtering the messages you receive is one of the many solutions you could do! Just follow these simple instructions then you are good to go! :D

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See first your inbox then decide what filter folders you are going to need. I wrote them down so that I wouldn't have to go back to my inbox to check again.

Step 2: Look for That Filter Option

To find the filter option, go to settings or options . Click it then you'd see the Filter tab. Select Filter .

Step 3: Creating Filters

Select Add Filter or Create filter then fill in the needed criteria or information. You can choose to move it to a folder once filtered or label it so that you can find it easily.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Create all the filters you'd need. The next time you log into your e-mail, you wouldn't have to worry where to find what you need. The filters you made would do their job and filter out all the messages you need then sort it out for you. So hassle free! :D

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