Fimo Cane Slices Nail Art




Introduction: Fimo Cane Slices Nail Art

Fimo cane slices are a fun and easy way to decorate your nails.  They provide limitless possibilities!  Fimo canes are baked clay "logs" that are like refrigerator cookie dough in a tube.   A picture is made in the clay and continues throughout the cane.  Canes are cut into thin slices, and the slices are put on the nail.  Later I have a link to where you can buy them for a great price and a big selection.  If you buy them from a beauty supply store it is VERY expensive.  They can be used to decorate any craft.  Fimo cane slices in nail art are very popular on natural or artificial nails.

Step 1: Paint Nails and Get Supplies Ready.

Paint nails normally and let dry.  Make sure you have tweezers, fimo cane slices, and a nail glue.  Use a nail glue with a brush. 

Step 2: Put Glue on Fimo Cane Slice.

Hold the fimo cane slice with your tweezers.  Hold as close to the edge as you can.  Brush on as little nail glue as you can with the brush.  Less is more!  :) 

Step 3: Glue the Fimo Cane Slice to the Nail.

Make sure you decide exactly where you want the slice- moving it after it is glued makes a big mess!  Carefully place the slice on your nail, and press down firmly using your tweezers.  Make sure you hold it down until it sticks.  Put pressure all over the cane slice. If you don't do this, the slice will pop up or curl up. You can use plastic wrap to help do this if you need to by putting a piece of plastic wrap over your nail and use your finger to press the slice down.  This keeps you from getting nail glue on your fingers.  It is possible to do this using clear nail polish and not the glue.  It works a LOT better if you use glue because some slices won't stick with just nail polish because they are thicker, large, or the slice won't lay flat.  You would do this with clear polish  by putting  a layer of clear on your nail.  When it is tacky, place slice on the nail, hold it down until it sticks, and cover it with several coats of clear, just like you would do if you were using nail confetti/spangles.

Step 4: Finish Your Design.

Put on as many fimo slices as you want.  You can leave your nail as it is or you can put on a topcoat if you want it to be shiny.  The next step will show you lots of nail ideas- I have used all of them and I always get complements every time I leave the house! If you are using nail glue on natural nails, you need to remove it properly or it will damage your real nail.  Just soak your nail in acetone until you can remove the slice easily (with tweezers).  Then soak  and wipe your nail with a cotton ball as many times as needed until you can remove all the glue.  If you put on too much glue, this could take a while.

Step 5: Get Creative!

There are so many designs you can do.  The possibilities are endless!  All of these fimo cane slices come from Nailiciouss on ebay.  There are great prices and a huge selection.  You can also get jumbo large fimo canes slices as well.  The link to the seller is You get free rhinestones and nail confetti with every order.  There are mixes with flowers, fruit, animals, mixed, characters, and more.  There are so many ways to use them that I rarely repeat.  Using fimo canes is really easy and fun.  I hope you find it as much fun to do your nails as I do!       


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