Final Exam Boe Bot Sensors




Introduction: Final Exam Boe Bot Sensors

This project shows how to make a Boe Bot follow a black line and stay off a black line

Step 1: Setting Up Sensors

begin by adding 4 Qtis sensors on the front of the Boe bot. Will need a screw driver. use screws and columns provided with kit

Step 2: Wiring

the wiring is pretty simple. The sensors must be connected to the main robot, this wiring allows you to do this

Step 3: Checking Sensors

to ensure sensors are running a test code can be run to see if bumpers a correctly responding.

Step 4: Write Code to Make Robot Stay on Black Lines

this code uses the sensors to detect where on the line the sensor is then turns the robot accordingly to keep on black line. black line squiggle here are some links to youtube videos of the robot working

Step 5: Code Can Be Altered So Robot Stays Off Black Lines

the code can be altered to make the robot stay off black lines all that needs to be done is for the code to pretty much reversed, so before if one of the sensors saw a black line it would follow it, but now it will turn away from that line white box here is a youtube link of this code working

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    2 years ago

    I hope you get an A on your exam! Thanks for sharing :)