Final Fantasy Amigurumi

Introduction: Final Fantasy Amigurumi

As one of my first crochet projects, I made these amigurumi that are fashioned after Final Fantasy jobs.  I have made a Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage, and a Hunter/Ranger.  Each of them are about 4 inches tall.

Each is made from Worsted Weight yarn with an E hook.  The weapons are made from a bent paper clip that was then wrapped with yarn.

The Red Mage's hat is made as a separate piece and sewn on to the head.  The hat includes a white feather tucked into a band.  He holds a rapier in one hand with a shield strapped to his other arm.

The White Mage has a separate robe that is worn over her body.  The robe can be removed by untying the string under her chin.  She holds a staff in her hand that is topped with a white fiber optic bead.

The Black Mage's hat is made as a separate piece and sewn on to the head.  He holds a staff in his hand that is topped with a blue fiber optic bead.

The Hunter/Ranger is has a quiver that is made as a separate piece and sewn onto her back.  The quiver is filled with arrows made from party toothpicks.  Her bow is strung with a piece of silver cross stitch floss.

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    I sure hope you have the pattern to this Bweedon, As I have been looking every where to make a VIVI doll could you be so kind and send me the pattern for VIVI and put an end to my search for him my addy is.. My name is