Final Fantasy Buster Sword Proto Type

Introduction: Final Fantasy Buster Sword Proto Type

If you are a Final Fantasy fan, then you have tried(or wanted) to make a buster sword at some point in your gaming crusade.Like you,I also had this desire, which has now taken form into a cardboard/duct tape masterpiece(more or less).But this is far from a finished design.

Step 1: Not So Heavy.

I made this using cardboard, a discarded gardening shovel handle(a red one), lots of duct tape and black spray paint.Once I had all the materials it only took 20 minutes to craft(cut out a symmetrical buster sword shape and taped and folded in half over the shovel handle then spray painted it).It`s actually quite light weight and easy to hold, just make sure you use a LIGHT-weight handle or it`ll kill your hands.

For Ible , see here:

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