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About: Hi my name is Jacob and I enjoy making stuff. I don't create much any more but I might in the future. Also keep in mind most of the work here was put up nearly four years ago and at the time I was in middle...

I decided to make another one of these but ive been running out of ideas lately so theres no Kingdom Hearts stuff this time but if you have any more ideas on something i should make please leave a comment below because i really need some. Its not as good as the first one but Enjoy!
PS: Sorry KH fans
PSS: Your welcome KH haters (not me of course)
PSSS: I want to make Weiss the Immaculates gunswords from Dirge of Cerberus, you know, the katanas with a gun on them, but i dont know where to start, any ideas?



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    Straigtforward question: what do you think the final Final Fantasy game will be (i.e. the last one ever)?
    I'm guessing it's XXIII


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    Who knows hopefully never. But most likely somewhere in the 20s or so. actually theyv been workin on FFXIV for a while and you can see the trailer on youtube. if you go to my slideshow which should be on the list of related stuff next to this about my noctis sword, theres a link in the discription to the trailer and at the begining of the trailer on the screen it will say FFXIV trailer No Joke! actually FFXIV is gonna be an online game like FFXI but i havnt playd that one i only hav FF1 and 2 for psp, FFVII downloaded on my psp, FFX (dont even get me started on what i went thru to get that one) and FFXIII

    I knew some girls who played FF(about 7 years ago, so I'm not sure which) - I was bored stiff, but it was them playing not I...


    Yeah i can just tell FFXIV isnt gonna get good reveiws cuz its online, i mean its cool that you can create your own character and choose from a few diferet species but they wont really hav much of a story for their characters like in FFVII and FFXIII the story is really important to the game and they would have been horible if they were online