Final Project Step 3 Front Plate

Introduction: Final Project Step 3 Front Plate

This is an opportunity to show what you know about Inventor. This is not intended to be a fully detailed instruction but more of a road map to get you started a give some direction. This is part 3 of a 6 part project. Please see the attached file for details.

Step 1: Set Sheet Metal Styles and Standards

Set Sheet Metal Styles and Standards according to the drawing.

Step 2: Create a Sketch and a Contour Flange

Create a 2d sketch and a "Contour Flange" to develop the base.

Step 3: Unfold the Item

We must unfold the item to perform work on the flat pattern. Use the "UnFold" command.

Step 4: Create a 2D Sketch and Cut the Center Air Hole

Create a 2D sketch and cut the center air hole. In the sketch you should incorporate points for the anchor holes aswell.

Step 5: Pattern the Air Holes As Required

Create 2 patterns to achieve the required amount of holes and spacing.

Step 6: Create Anchor Holes

Create the holes for the anchor rods.

Step 7: Refold the Part

Use the "ReFold" feature to refold the part to its rolled state.

Step 8: Create Mounting Holes

Create a 2D sketch on a side face and layout the points as required. Use the Hole feature to create the mounting holes.

Step 9: Create the Flat Pattern

Once the part is complete create the flat pattern.

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