Final Prototype Assembly

Introduction: Final Prototype Assembly

Final Prototype Assembly

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Step 1: History Tree

Step 2:

Firstly, we take the assembly “leverarm+ballbearing” as the base feature (sub-assembly).

Step 3:

Then, insert the sub-assembly “brakeright_Chengfeng”.

1). Select the side face of the brake adaptor and the face of the second hole of the lever arm, mate them as coincident (Coincident 2).

2) Select the first hole face on the left of the brake adaptor and the second hole face of the lever arm, and mate them as concentric (Concentric 3)

Step 4:

Insert the assembly “FinalHandle”

Select the inner ring of the handle and the outer surface of the lever arm. Mate them as concentric (Concentric 5)

Select the lower edge of the handle ring and the upper edge at the start of the smaller radius. Mate them as coincident (Coinsident 3).

Step 5:

Finally, the string.

Create a new part on the assembly

Create a new sketch on the surface of the stand out cylinder on the left brake.

On that sketch, use convert entity of the inner circle of the cylinder to get the circle sketch of the string.

Step 6:

Create a reference plane (Plane 4) that is 20 mm away from the plane of 3).

Step 7:

On that plane, create a circle sketch the same as 2) by using convert entity.

Step 8:

Similarly, create a new sketch (the same circle) on the surface of the cusp of the handle.

Step 9:

With the same way, create another reference plane (Plane 5) that is 20 mm away from the plane of 6).

Create the same circle sketch by using convert entity.

Step 10:

Connect each circle’s origin to create a curve.

Step 11:

Use sweep function to create a sweep from the circle sketch at the path of the curve in 9).

Step 12:

The resulting assembly.

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