Final Fantasy VIII Gunblade Replica





Introduction: Final Fantasy VIII Gunblade Replica

This is one of my ongoing project that I started working on last couple of weeks for the purpose of practice and use for a Squall costume that plan on doing for cosplaying.
The stuff I did use was a big sheet of cardboard, glue both wood glue and hot glue, a cheap metal toy gun (model revolver), foil duct tape (haven't reach that part yet...), black leather( not there either), black and silver paint, various tools (scalpel/x-actoknife, scissors and my trusty dremel), pictures and my own imagination... :) The pictures start with one of the images I found on google and then goes through the pictures I have for now cause it is still a work in progress! If you like it please leave a comment, cause if I get enough feedback I might make a Instructable on how to make one... Though if I do that I think I will make a new one from start so I have real step by step parts from the beginning! Hope you like my first upload on Instructables and I may have to point out that the blade is not done on these pictures and I am still quite new to the Final Fantasy VIII game so please, PLEASE give me NO spoilers cause I haven't passed disc 1 yet... But I got caught by Squall and decided I shall make a costume of him!



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    Nice quality. I'm also making some stuff out of cardboard (yeah) and recommend non-toxic wood putty for filling gaps.

    I'll be posting some sutff soon.

    i am also making a gunblade.
    it was gonna be like squalls but i modded it and it now has a thicker blade with a gold coloured top half.
    i will post pics when finished

    aluminum duct tape is great for covering foam and giving it a tougher metal look. it also makes it stronger too. you can put more than one layer at weak points and you can also press a little texture into the final finish. as long as the foam is completely covered in tape, you can primer and paint it too. you can get it at the bigger hardware stores, just make sure its the metal tape and not the cloth stuff. foam can be sanded to finish the shape but the trick is to use worn sand paper and sanding sponges, and don't press down much while sanding. new paper and sponges tend to rip the foam up and roll it into balls.

    Nice job. I really like how you used a real gun for the gun part.

     if you have a wii, you should mod this more and make it so you could use it in like fighting games and stuff!

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    That would be fun. Especially if they made a game like Dissidia for Wii. I would say you could use that idea if they made a FFVIII remake for Wii but its turn style so it wouldnt be that fun

    Hey Alekszandor why dont you check out my gunblade id like to know what you think : )

    By the way i also use stuff like carboard when i make things instead of wood so im glad to see someone else who doesnt make things out of wood. although its mostly because im too young to make wooden swords but still

    Wait it looks like one piece of cardboard i have a Final Fntasy Versus XIII sword i made with 4 peices of cardboard and it still bends so im guessing that can break really easily

    Sorry for forgetting that part! But it's just as wilsonater said that it's a measureindication... It was the only thing I had around at that time that I thought would have the same size internationally so to speak!

    The handle needs to be more straight. you just made it into a larger version of the regular revolver handle.

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    Yeah I am aware of that misstake but I couldn't make it more straight because the metal part of the handle in the gun that kept the guns ability to shoot was in the way for a more correct handle, but now that I made the gun blade the firing mechanism have been broken I could very well make a new handle that's more accurate to the original... But thanks for the headsup! :)