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Introduction: Finch Nest (Birdhouse)

hi all.
first of all im sorry for my bad English

this is my first post on instructables

this is a really easy to make finch house that too many kind of finches love it.

its natural. its wood. its your handmade. :)

this finch nest (finch house) tested in cage of Zebra finches, Java finches and Gouldian finches.

in the first pic u see two chick of zebra finches (Both female) that goes to the nest for rest n sleep.

i hope it will be helpful for you guys.

Step 1: Material and Tools Needed

this is all you need for making this house.
Tools :

1. Drill (its better to use of corded drill instead of cordless because coconut is very strong.)

2. Hole saw (For finches i used 51mm (2 inches) hole saw but you can use any size for any bird)

3. Knife or something to extract coconut meat.

Material :

1. Big Coconut

2. Small wood stick (10cm (4 inches) is enough)

3. Sawdust or Cottonseed or any other things for make the nest soft.

Step 2: Clean and Drill

first of all you should make your coconut clean and cut of all hairs. (coconut hairs can use instead of Cottonseed)

coconut has 3 eye and one of them is easy to open. so open it with knife and extract sweet water of coconut.

pick a hole saw due to the size of the bird that you make this nest for. 50mm (2 inch) is good for finches.

select the area that you want to make it entrance of bird house. its better to choose it under coconut eyes because the house should be a little deep.

in the center of the area that you choose for entrance drill a 5mm hole before using hole saw.

use the hole saw to make the entrance and due to size of your wood stick make another hole under it.

Step 3: Extracting Meat and Done

you should extract the coconut meat from the entrance hole and i suggest to do it easily to prevent cracking.

after extracting if you have some cracks like mine you can fill them with wood glue.

insert the wood stick to the hole and use wood glue or mdf glue to fix it.

your finch nest is ready. fill it with any material that u think its better for your bird.

i used cottonseed in on of finch houses and also used sawdust for another one.

last three pics are another model of nest that has bigger entrance and it can use for bigger birds.

if you have finches in cage its better to fill the nest with cottonseed and give the finches a little grass or something like that. Finches love to build their own nest.

for fixing the bird house in cage there is too many ways that depend on your cage and the place that you want to fix it.

i used thick wire and hang it of the top of the cage and after that use a little epoxy to paste it into the cage.

i hope this instructable being useful for you and your birds.

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This is a really cute idea and a great way to use leftover materials!


    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you for your nice comment. birds needs us specially in winter.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Aali Bood Dada . Damet garm ♡♡


    Reply 3 years ago

    mokhlesam dadash. che khoob ke irani ha ham be in site e aaaali mian o hastan :D adam ehsase gharibi nemikone :D fada mada ♥♥♥


    3 years ago

    can parakeets fit in it?


    Reply 3 years ago

    sorry for late.

    parakeets usually like cube nest boxes as you can see in picture.

    but if you have a big coconut , yes parakeets can use this as nest because its natural and wooden and any type of birds like it.

    in my country its hard to find a big coconut. i was lucky to find this one.

    sorry for bad English. and thanks for comment.