Find That Resistor Fast....Onother Use for a Redundant CD Storage Box




Introduction: Find That Resistor Fast....Onother Use for a Redundant CD Storage Box

Started my spring-cleaning early and was getting rid of old, redundant PC cover CD's (remember them). Well I suddenly found myself with and empty CD storage box. Now what could I put it to use...... well!

I am forever trying to find a resistor of a certain value; resistors tend to end up everywhere. Normal part boxes just don't have enough compartments to hold all my resistors in one place.

Another nightmare, have you ever knocked one over, resistor spaghetti?

So I spent one evening sorting through my resistors. I used a USB magnifying microscope to see the colour coding, showed up really well on my computer screen and with a resistor identification software running at the same time I was able to zip through the identification process. I checked every value with a Multi-meter just to make sure. Once I got into a rhythm I fairly flew through them.

Now the reason for this Instructable, if you could call it that, it's really a tip, I used my empty CD storage box to store my resistors. I now have 100 double sided suspension wallets with my resistors ascending from 0 ohms to 10m ohms. Whenever I want a value I just pull the wallet. Much easier than a plastic parts box, it is less bulky for a start.

Hope you find this useful, I know I did.

apologies for the quality of the photos.

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