Find Their Card, Works Every Time! (Easy)


Introduction: Find Their Card, Works Every Time! (Easy)

Supplies needed:

Just a normal deck of cards.

In this trick, you will surprise you friend/victim that you can find their card out of all 52 of them! (Remember not to see what their card is, you aren't suppose to in this trick)

Step 1: First Thing

Shuffle the deck to make sure they know there's nothing set-up (really, there isn't). Spread the cards, either in your hand or on a surface, and tell them to select one.

Step 2: Second, Most Important Part

Now, this is the part you have to do, and is very important or otherwise you will look really retarded in the end. Split the deck with your hands and have each one in both different hands. Tell him/her to put the card back on top of the one facing down. IMPORTANT: Look at the other deck at the card facing up, you need to remember that! Make sure you try not to look at his/her card, or don't let him/her think you are.

Step 3: Final Step

Now, instead of look for their card, look for the card you we're suppose to memorize, which would be the Jack of Spades. The reason your suppose to find the card you memorized is because that card will be behind their card, simple! So once you find the Jack of Spades, the card you memorize, look exactly one card infront of it. VOILA! Its magic (not really)! The most simplist of all card tricks, and it still surpises them!

Here's a tip to make it seem more magical. In the middle of the trick, where they put their card back after you memorized the card after it, tell them to think of their card, to pretend to 'read' their mind. Then, once you look for their card, they might get more of a kick out of it!



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    What if in the shuffle, the cards get separated? That happened to me a couple times.

    When I first learnt this some years ago, what I did instead was to spot the card at the end of the pack during the initial shuffle. This allows the person to take their card and place it back on top of the pack. You can then invite them to cut anywhere in the pack and when you place the pack back together your marker card is now on top of their chosen card. This prevents any possibility of them accusing you of memorising the card in the deck split (as you don't ever have to see any of the cards). The next touch was to cut the deck multiple times. I would cut the deck into 8 packs and invite the person to reassemble the deck in any order they wanted. This stopped comments about me rigging the pack order after the initial cut. Finally a false shuffle to 'really' mix the cards up and they were always amazed. Nice iBle, well done.

    I'll spill one secret about this to make it look more convincing. When you tell the person to put the card back in the deck, do a card jig (I forgot what it is really called), but you kind of shift the card out a little to the side (usually towards you) that the person just put in. Slip that card out and palm it while "shuffling" their card in. Now you can let the person shuffle the deck as much as they want, cause you've got the card in your hand (or if you are able to do it without being noticed you could pocket it or hide it somewhere nearby). Take the deck back say the magic words and either start looking or give the deck to the person and ask them to find the card. Then you could take their card out and show it to them however it pleases you (lick the back of it and stick it to your forehead, tell them to look for it where ever you put it, etc.). Remember to practice this trick several times in front of a mirror before showing it to an audience. Practice makes perfect.

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    they get suspicious if you dont suffle well enough...

    Works most of the time. Don't overshuffle or else it doesn't work. But otherwise works fine. Looks good too most of the Gr.6s I tried it on didn't get it 'til the 10th try or they didn't get it at all.

    Simplest trick in the trade. A real trick is shuffling the deck card by card and THEN finding their selection. Requires no setup and you can make them pick their card back at random after any number of shuffles. Being a real magician, though, I'll keep the secrets to myself

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    I'v not seen a card trick yet that doesn't make me fall asleep. Pro or not.


    11 years ago

    Another variation that is fool-proof and looks good: After they put their card in and you square the deck, cut the deck as many times as you'd like. Ask them if they would like to cut it at all too. 99 percent of the time your card, and his card will still be right next to each other. In the event that they cut the deck right in between the two cards, your "key" card will be on one end of the deck, and theirs on the other.