Finding a Perfect Sounding Itunes EQ for Metal

Introduction: Finding a Perfect Sounding Itunes EQ for Metal

We all know finding a good sounding Eq on itunes can be hard especially if you dont listen to such over hyped crap as pop
metal is extremely hard to manipulate on itunes to make it sound perfect unlike other genres (its even harder without a good pair of headphones). But thankfully i think ive found a solution
bands ive used to test EQ:
thy art is murder
the devil wears prada
cannibal corpse
as i lay dying
killswitch engage
chelsea grin
job for a cowboy
and many more!! 

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Step 1: Opening the Equalizer and Tweaking the Settings

1. Open Itunes 
2. Press The Window tab
3. Click on the equalizer menu option

Now we are going to play around with the graphic eq u see before you adjust the sliders up and down copying the picture of the eq u see on this page. after you have finished tweaking:
click on the drop down menu where the EQS are located
click on make preset and name the EQ whatever you want
then click on the EQ to use it for your music
close the equlizer

Step 2: Secondary EQ Through Speaker Setup and Rigging Your Headphones Through Your Speakers

This step is optional but if you want it to sound just that much better it would be wise to proceed:
soo what you have to do first is find your self some descent computer speakers in my case i use altec lansing FX6021 computer speakers
2. plug all your speakers in and then plug your aux cable coming from the speakers into the headphone jack in your computer
3. tweak your speaker eq settings (treble and bass usually)  i turn my volume on the speakers to full my treble to almost full my bass to around 90% (if u have altec lansing the speakers have 5 blue dots turn treble to 5 and bass to 4)
4: The final step:  now there should be another headphone jack located in the side of your computer speaker volume control plug your ipod headphones into there

5: there you go, this setup should sound freakin awesome even if you dont rig it up with the computer speakers it sounds great!!! play any metal song u want and i garuntee it will sound soo much better!! :D

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8 Discussions


11 months ago

Vast vast improvement from anything else I've tried and it does incredible things for the instrumental portions... But unfortunately its a bit hit and miss with Progressive Metal - still gonna use it though


3 years ago

Man you understand me. This is perfect


3 years ago

Thank you! Worked miracles for my listenings of death metal.


3 years ago

I used this with Pantera, Five Finger Death Punch, Theory of a Dead Man, Seether, and Shinedown and it all sounded great.

THANK YOU! I've been messing around with the eq on and off for a month and couldn't find anything that sounded decent.