Guide: Finding Herobrine in Minecraft P.E.




Introduction: Guide: Finding Herobrine in Minecraft P.E.

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In this guide, I will teach you how to find Herobrine in Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you are able to replicate my experience, or have another way of finding Herobrine, feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer you as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Creating the World

The only world where you will find Herobrine's cave is with a world generated with the seed "Need Water" capitalised and with a space. The gamemode can be creative but I've only tested this in survival.

Step 2: The Spawn Point

Here is where you will spawn. There is sugar cane and clay that you could build a basic farm and house with before hunting Herobrine.

Step 3: Herobrine's Island Cave

Look for this specific island throughout the map since here is where you will find his cave. This island is normally pretty close to spawn but you will need to cross water.

Step 4: The Entry to the Cave

This stone block marks the entrance to his cave. When this block is broken, you will see a small room below. In the case that you do not see a cave, dig deeper or to the sides of this stone block. Once you are in the cave, there should be a randomly generated painting on the wall. Step through the painting and a second chamber should be visible. This is normally the point where an encounter with Herobrine occurs. I have many photos and videos of a personal encounter that I would be more than willing to share if this instructables does well.

EDIT 2017-04-24:

I am bewildered that this got over 600k views. I apologize for not posting in a very long time, to be quite honest I had almost forgotten what I had created several years ago. I will be posting instructables over the summer as I have many ambitious projects in mind. My future posts will be more detailed and related to computing technology and fine metal work. I still enjoy minecraft, but I might not make many tutorials in the future. Thanks to all for the support over the years, it has been greatly appreciated.


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I found him on a server named my world version 0.14.1 and he say to me he's the real herobrine

I only slightly saw hero brine but your so lucky I've wanted to talk to him ever since I was little say hi to him for me :3

I spawned herobrine and he told me that one day he will come into the real world. SOS. Not sure if he is joking or not. HELP

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(Blue creeper) it is acully the real world is mine

i tried that seed it doesn't work there's no cave plz help

plz give me the steps to fined herobrine plz


9 months ago

It only works in the old versions!!!

When I did all the steps I spawned to where it wasn't the right world. Do you have a way to find in for minecraft pe 1.2.3?

hey guys should I can spawn herobrine in minecraft pe veesion 0.13.0

If you seed slenderman you can find a mine (closest to spawn point) and go deep enough you can find a spawn cage with a zombie in it and a chest filled with rotten flesh and a few other things.

Hi is herobrine real because I want to fight him please

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its really hard to fight. him cuz he can teleport

thanks it worked,for me