Finding Data on an Image

Introduction: Finding Data on an Image

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This is a fun tool to find data on many, many images. This can be used to most images on Instructables if you go back to the "original image."

This can be used to date a picture, find what type of camera, if flash was used, etc. etc.

Step 1: Navigate to This Site

All this data is called "exif data" and can be found using this website:

Step 2: Get the Image URL

In this BEAUTIFUL example, I will be using an image of Ronald Regan sitting around with Charlton Heston. Regan's smile gave me the lulz.

So, you find a nice image (pic1), then click on it until it's in a window by itself, right-click and hit "Copy Image Location."

Pro Tip: If using Wikipedia, you can just get it to the file screen where it talks about licensing and whatnot.

Step 3: Put the URL in the Website

Just paste the URL in the site and click "GO!"

Step 4: Check Out Yer Awesome Data

From this great example, I can find LOTS about this image, just look for yourself. The second image is a more common example of what you'll get from exif data.

Have fun!!!

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