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Introduction: Finest Paper Plane

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Gone are the days of simplicity; as real airplanes get more and more high tech, as do their paper equivalents. This is my favorite paper airplane. Fancy to look at, and phenomenal in-flight service. Minus the peanuts.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Starting Folds

Step 2: Forming the Tail

Step 3: Finishing Off the Body

Step 4: Joining the Tail With the Body

You're ready to get flyin'!

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16 Discussions

this is cool....i made it!!

Its fantastic!!! It's glide very smoothly.

thx to show how to make it was awesome


2 years ago

Awesome plane! Glides really well and flew clean across my yard, over 100ft!!!

Its awsome really works. It glides very smoothly

of course its like sick i tried it it went 1 k

I was bored and on Instructibles last night and came across this. My father can make something kinda similar but without cutting. I made it and it is very cool. Will have to show my Aero-E friend. Thanks!

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Also, the pictures were a tremendous help! A few appear out of order, but that could have been the late night sleepys too. Very well documented indeed!

My dad taught me to make one this way in the 1960's and I couldn't remember how... thanks for reminding me!

Good design slight variation from my one