Finger Holster for Cell Phone

Introduction: Finger Holster for Cell Phone

I wanted to buy a finger sling type holster for my LG G5 but did not want to wait for the delivery time when buying online. I had a case for my phone but it was a wallet type case and was VERY awkward to hold and text or take pics, etc. The flap type cover was always in the way. I had some Sugru in the fridge for ages so figured won't hurt to try this. So I ripped out the silicone case from the wallet type case. Cleaned it up and made my own sling. It fits nice and snugly, makes the phone so easy to hold with one hand. The instructions on each of the pics are each of the steps I followed. Hope you like!

(PS - Yes, I know its a bit crooked! )


3 packets Sugru

Wide elastic

Phone case (optional - you can apply right to back of your phone if you are brave!)

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Step 1: Prep the Elastic

Step 2: Clean Case and Apply Sugru

Step 3: Plastic Barrier

Step 4: Add Weight

Step 5: All Done! This Pic Shows Phone Hanging by Elastic.

Step 6:

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