Finger Impression Painting

Introduction: Finger Impression Painting

Finger impression painting is a very simple way to give your children a chance to play with colors and make amazing things. You literally get to have your hands dirty which is truly exciting for kids.

Let's get started...

Skills: Beginner


  • Water colours
  • Clean hands
  • Painting brush
  • Sketch pen

Step 1: Applying Finger Impression

Make a mixture of colour & water in the mixing plate.

Apply the colour on your finger tip and put the finger tip on the drawing sheet. If the drawing sheet is getting too wet, add more colour to the mixture.

Repeat the process to fill up the entire drawing.

Note that it is required to change the finger or wash off the colour after 15-20 imprints as the finger tip get saturated with colour.

Step 2: Making Drawing

After the impression is done, Wait for 5-10 min to dry out the colour on your sheet.

Now with the help of sketch pen draw different shapes on your finger impression to make it alive.

Hope you & your kids will enjoy making it.

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