Finger Knitting




Introduction: Finger Knitting

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Step 1: Steps

You will need 5 fingers and yarn.
Take your hand and put the yarn by your thumb and close it.
Take the yarn and start at the forefinger.
Do a zigzag 4 times until each 4 fingers have 2 pieces of yarn.
Take the bottom piece and put it over the finger.
Keep on doing this until you get the length you want.
When you have done the first set you can let go of the string on your thumb.
When finished, tie the end.

Step 2: Result




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4 Discussions


2 years ago

When I've gotten to the desired length, how do I make the scarf wider? Do I cut the yarn and attach it to the beginning and continue that way?

Cool! Nice pictures, self explanatory, good way to burn time! I'll be voting for this.

Wow! I never knew you could knit with your fingers! This is by far the best instructable I've seen!