Finger in a Box

Introduction: Finger in a Box

It’s nearing Halloween, a time of year when all things ghoulish come to mind. Vampires floss their teeth and don their best capes, whilst Zombies take a hesitant evening stroll. For others with a ghoulish nature it is the season which provides an opportunity to show off some gruesome trophy.

For those with such a grizzly desire this Inscrutable will show you how to keep, and display a putrefying finger in a box. not some cheap plastic replica from a novelty shop, but a real finger; a finger that is still warm and supple, with the stench of rot not yet on it; a finger that seems to be so freshly severed that it still holds a spark of life...

Step 1:

What you will need
1. Small box or container of some description to keep the finger in
2. Cotton wool or something to lay the finger in and help prevent it rattling about in the box
3. Red paint or a capsule of fake blood
4.  A sharp knife (optional) or scissors
5. One finger
6. Glue

It is very important that the instructions are carefully read before starting, so here are the warnings;
In this Instructables, to obtain a satisfactory result, it is better if all fingers remain attached.
But seriously:
Using sharp craft tools can be potentially dangerous and you should take full responsibility for your safety when using them. It is always much better to Ask for help and learn how to use the sharp tools safely, than spend your time in the local A&E department

The box or container should be big enough to contain a finger. Equally it should be small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. An easy to remove lid is also needed, the cotton wool or packing is to keep the finger covered; you don’t want your finger left exposed and attracting flies. Finally a little bit of red paint or fake blood will help the effect

Step 2:

Towards one end of the container carefully make a hole in the bottom, just large enough to put your finger through. Make sure that there are no sharp edges; we don’t want to cut ourselves and get blood over everything!

Step 3:

Glue the cotton wool or packing to the bottom of the box, be generous to create a nice soft bed for our precious finger, but don’t forget to leave a space so that your finger can still be pushed into the box from the bottom and bent forward to lay flat in the packing.

Step 4:

Splash or dab some of the the red paint or the fake blood on to the packing pay special attention to the area around the hole. Set it to one side and allow the glue and blood to dry.

Step 5:

Step 4
The fun bit. when you are ready to reveal to your friends your ghoulish Halloween trophy hold the box in the palm of your hand and insert your finger through the hole, then tease some cotton wool or packing around the finger to hide where the finger enters the box. The effect can be enhanced by putting a bit more fake blood around the finger to give it that fresh blood drenched soggy effect. Now all you have left to do is to place the lid on and seek out your unsuspecting victim

Step 6:

When offering up the box to your victim for inspection you may wish to suggest that they touch it, explain to them that they will feel that it is still fresh and supple. When they dare to make a closer examination of this ghoulish artifact a slight twitching of the finger will only add to its sickening effect.

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