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I had been looking for a cute, simple, nice pattern for crochet fingerless mittens for a while, but all the nice patterns were knitting patterns. Now, I am able to knit, but I can only knit straight forward, reaaaally slowly. So, I decided to give my thoughts a go and make up my own pattern while crocheting! This instructable includes full explanation for people who can't already crochet, and for those who can crochet, the pattern is included in the last step.

I hope you like this project and give it a try! I would love to see the results posted in the comments below :)

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Step 1: Materials

To make these fingerless mittens, you will need the following:

- Yarn (about 25 gram)
- Crochet hook
- Scissors
- Needle

Step 2: Let's Start!

Take your yarn and start by making a slip knot (don't worry, it's shown in the pictures). For those who don't find the pictures clear enough, here is an explanation in words: Fold the yarn  in order to create a loop. Take the loop and place it on the yarn. (the side where the yarn is still attached, when you use the other side you won't come far)

Now you will see a loop with yarn running underneath it. Take that yarn and pull it up trough the loop. Pull it and when you have the loop/knot, insert your crocheting needle and pull the yarn (on the side of the yarn.)

Step 3: Chain

So, now you have a loop/knot on your crochet needle, what's next? Let your yarn go around your crochet needle, on the side of the hook, and use the hook to let the yarn slide trough the loop already on your crochet needle. And that's one chain already! I've completely shown two chains in the pictures.

Since this step will determine the size of your mittens, you'll need to measure it. When the chain can touch it's own beginning while wrapped around the widest part of your hand, it's long enough. I wouldn't recommend making your chain too long, eventually your mitten will be just slightly wider/stretchier as it is now. 

When it is long enogh, it's time to join the end and the beginning! Keep the end on your crocheting needle and put the crocheting needle trough the first knot. Join them by wrapping the yarn one time around your crocheting needle (the side of the hook) and pulling it trough both of the loops at once. 

Step 4: The First Row

These mittens are almost entirely made using double crochets (American) / trebles (English). Basically, all you have to do is keep making those, but before you can do that you'll have to learn how!

Wrap your yarn around your crochet needle, so you get two loops on there. Next, put your crochet needle trough the first chain. Wrap the yarn around your crochet needle and let it slide back trough the first chain. If everything went alright, you now have three loops on your crocheting needle. If not, it may be a good time to use those pictures.

Wrap the yarn around your crocheting needle (Yes, again, I now) and let the yarn slip trough the first two loops, then let it sit on the crocheting needle. Wrap the yarn around your crocheting needle and pull it trough both loops on there. Pull it a bit, and you have done one double crochet/treble!

Continue doing this for the complete round, when you have done that I think you should take a look at the next step.

Step 5: The First Half

If everything went alright, you'll now have a complete row finished. The following rows are basically the same, you just have to be aware to put your crocheting needle trough BOTH of the loops now (if you can't follow me, follow the pictures).

As you may have noticed, the inside and the outside of the crocheting look different, I like the inside better, but I find it easier to have your 'right' side on the outside, so I turned it inside out. Remember, this is completely optional.

Continue doing this until you have crochet 12 rows. It may sound like an awful lot of crocheting now, but once you get into it, it not that much!

Step 6: The Thumb Part

When you have made 12 rows, it's time to leave some space for you thumb. Instead of continuing this row, we're turning back. Start by making one chain. Then, turn your work around and crochet along!

When there are 7 empty spaces between the point where you turned and where you are now, it's time to turn again. Just do the same as last time, make one chain, turn your work around and crochet along!

The next time you'll come by an end, it's already visible. All you have to remember is to make one chain before you turn.

Repeat this until there are 5 rows on the side where you first turned around.

Now it's time to join the sides again. Make a chain of 5 and join it to the first stitch on the other side (don't worry, it's shown)

Ready for the last part? Click the next step button and finish the crocheting!

Step 7: The Final Part

For this part, all you have to do is make double crochets/trebles. And you already know how to do those, right. The pictures show that at one point, it may look a bit strange, but it will look just fine when finished.

Continue crocheting for almost 8 rows, just stop a little bit earlier, that will make the position of the end less visible.

When you have crocheted almost 8 rows, put your crocheting needle trough the next, wrap yarn around it, pull it back and pull it trough the other loop directly.


Step 8: Working Away the Thread

Start by cutting of the yarn, leave a tail of about 10 cm. Pull the yarn completely through the loop and pull it tight. To start working the end away, I did some kind of weaving first, but you could also skip that and go straight to the needle part.

Take your needle and add the end of your yarn. Put the needle trough the crocheted work as shown in the pictures. After about 5 cm, let the needle get out (inside of the mitten) and cut of the remaining strand.

Done! Yes that's it, your mitten is done! Now repeat all these steps to make one for your other hand as well. 

Step 9: Pattern and Pictures

For those who already know how to crochet, here is the pattern I wrote. Well, it's kind of a pattern, I know how to read and use them, but I'm not that experienced with writing them. But, since you're planning on using the pattern instead of the full instruction, you're probably able to crochet a bit. And, since you know how to crochet, you'll probably figure out this "pattern" as well.

Start by making chains. The number of chains depends on the size of your hand, it should fit perfectly around the widest part of your hand. Join them with a slip stitch. Make a double crochet/ treble in each of your chains. Just keep crocheting until there are twelve rows above each other. Make a chain and turn around, stop when there are seven empty spaces between where you first turned and where you are now. Make a chain and turn again. Repeat this until you have five rows above each other on the side where you first turned. Chain five and join the chain with the other side using a slip stitch. Start crocheting complete rows again, until you have almost finished the eighth row. Stopping just before the end will make the end be in a better, less visible position. Instead of a double crochet/ treble, your next is a slip stitch, to make the height difference go a bit smoother. Pull the yarn through the loop and cut it of. Work away your yarn and enjoy!

I hope you liked this project, have a nice, crafty day!

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